Dataset: 2.52*

ASCERT Long-Term Isolated CABG Risk Calculator

Age in years [Range: 65 – 110]

Weight in kg [Range: 35.0 – 250.0]

Height in cm [Range: 122.0 - 228.0]

Creatinine in mg/dL Defined as the most recent creatinine level prior ...

Ejection fraction (%) (most recent prior to operation)

Mean aortic gradient in mm Hg [Range: 0 - 75]





Chronic lung disease Moderate or Severe

History/type of cerebrovascular disease. Pick One

Immunosuppressive therapy (within 30 days prior to operation)

Peripheral vascular disease

Smoking history

Atrial fibrillation/flutter (within 2 weeks prior to operation)

Congestive heart failure and NYHA Class (within 2 weeks prior to operation)

Number of prior cardiovascular operation

Status (as defined by STS v2.52 data specifications)

Rescuscitation (within 1 hour prior to operation)

Cardiogenic shock (at time of operation)

Number of diseased vessels (number of native vessel systems with > 50% stenos...

Left main disease > 50%

MI history

Unstable angina

Preoperative intra-aortic balloon pump or inotrope...

Prior PCI within 6 hours of operation


Moderate/severe tricuspid insufficiency

Moderate/severe aortic insufficiency

Moderate/severe mitral insufficiency

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Survival Calculator

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Survival rates over specific date ranges

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